Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Above Allen, Above the LES

Where the Style Things Are isn't really into the club/lounge scene, so we were surprised when we found ourselves at the posh, technically "members only" rooftop club, Above Allen at the Thompson LES Hotel. Imagine our surprise even more so when we really enjoyed ourselves, several times last week! The 7th floor rooftop is accessible by key only, but the views are worth all the finagling you'll have to do to get someone to swipe you. The banquets and the lights are low, the drinks and the views are high, and you can't help but just feel super sexy. Surprise that not many know about: the pool level, open soon to members and guests with what will hopefully be a successful weekly party. And, the Shang terrace on the 2nd floor, attached to the restaurant of the same name, has a great almost Nice/Cabanas at the Maritime feel about it, mixed in with a little Asian for cultural diversity. Tres tres cool et tres tres chic.

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