Monday, May 6, 2013

Southern Fashionistas

There are so many talented, budding designers all over the world, but there is something different about the South.  Drive meets hospitality meets talent and the result {as you’ll see below} is magnetic.  When you think High Fashion your mind wanders to New York, maybe Chicago or LA, but these ladies are changing things and making their mark right where they are.  In Atlanta and Dallas and Memphis and Nashville to name a few, they are changing the norm and coming back home to launch their lines.    

{vintage Vogue cover celebrating all things southern fashion}

We have great respect for fashion designers, because while there are certainly similarities to interior design, they create a brand that must appeal to LOTS of people.  In interiors, we choose an aesthetic to design a room with a certain person or family in mind.  But in fashion….you don’t necessarily know who you are designing for {other than yourself of course.}  That’s what makes these ladies accomplishments even more outstanding.

{what's more Southern than the Derby!?! Dress:  BHLDN} 

First, there’s Leona, by Lauren Leonard from Nashville, Tn.  Lauren founded her dream line in 2008, and it’s been a non-stop success ever since.  With classic pieces that are work appropriate and lady like (but also have enough character to take you straight into a fun night on the town) her line has evolved to include reversible swimwear and, most recently, bridesmaids dresses too!!  With extensive press and even more promise, this line is one you definitely want to keep your eye on.  And while Lauren has recently moved to New York City to grow her line, she’s proud of where she started and her designs are soft and graceful…true to their southern roots. 

And Lissa Mar, (who is offering an awesome discount extended through May 31 on our blog!), founded by Missy McGuirk in 2011 whose motto is “fashion isn’t a job, it’s a calling.”  A grown up Lily Pulitzer looking collection of loveliness (Missy once modeled for Lily!), there are big things to come for this southern lady and her bright creations.  With an impressive resume and a stint in NYC, Missy decided to return to her roots to create Lissa Mar and founded the line in Atlanta.  Her line is like a wake up for your wardrobe, but these well made pieces will be around for many seasons to come! 

But there’s lots going on in Atlanta (fashion capital of the south!), so we also caught up with Emerald August creator, Laura Moylan.   This southern lady, born and raised in Birmingham, got her start at SCAD in Atlanta, and perfected her passion first by sewing and creating clothes for her twin nieces.  She has since created an eco conscious line for stylish little ladies.  Each article of clothing is manufactured in the US with sustainable fabrics and natural fibers whenever possible.  Read here to find out a little more about her, today!

Oh, and A. Barclay, one of our favorite new lines, is ANOTHER up and coming Atlanta based brand that we can’t get enough of.   After attending college at Rhodes in Memphis (where was one of my sister in law’s best friends, so we’ve been on to her collection from the start!) and a stint in NYC, Anna landed in Atlanta and pursued her passion by creating a high-end socially responsible line of scarves and resort wraps.   Made with 100% natural fabric and handcrafted by Italian artisans, the prints are so pretty we want to frame them on the wall.  They are multi-functional and can be worn as swimsuit cover ups, tops, dresses, and more.  Perhaps the most interesting element of A. Barclay, however, is the buy and supply program Anna created, where each scarf purchase goes to support orphans in Tanzania. 

We were also THRILLED to find out that a fellow Ole Miss lady will be launching an awesome new purse line, Kelly Wynne, on May 13th.  After a three-year stint in public relations, this Dallas native followed her passion and created a purse line that is sure to be the next big thing.  After just one year full of research, branding, and sketching, Kelly Wynne came to fruition and the line is something you surely don’t want to miss.  Hard working Kelly not only creates her own designs, but she locates the materials and hardware, plus takes care of the business side—this article pens her as the epitome of a Texas, driven, entrepreneur.   These sophisticated bags, lined in bright green an covered in the most covetable fabrics and colors around, can be preordered through the brands facebook page…..and some designs are already BACKORDERD before the website has even launched! 

And finally, when we came across Gresham jewelry a few weeks back we immediately snatched up a few pieces by another Texas Native, Gresham Hodges.  She’s also another Ole Miss grad that’s been making jewelry since high school, and travels internationally to find the right charms for her pieces.   With classic styles that get punched up with color, there are big things ahead for this driven young lady.  Check our her etsy shop, and pick up a few of our favorite antique charms.

And finally Annie Griffin, by a sister team from Memphis, is a classic line full of pieces made from rich silks and stunning fabrics.  Self proclaimed "southern girls" their designs are hopeful to evoke the delta spirit they grew up with in the heart of the south, and boast easy to wear feminine silhouettes echoing styles from earlier eras.  Around since 2009, after the sisters Annie and Robin graduated from SMU and Georgia, respectively, the designs are inspired by Annie's artistic background and marketed with Robin's signature fun flair.  

While many of these ladies have spent time in New York or other better known fashion meca’s, they all came back home to create lines that they (and we) should be proud of.    In fabrics and styles we covet for multiple reasons! (Perhaps to repurpose into pillows or curtains after we’ve gotten a few wears?) and with eco-friendly and charitable purposes behind them, we are inspired by these brands.  Keep your eye on these talented southern ladies who are proving that you can start where you are and with drive and talent, anything is possible. 

Here’s to Monday and a wonderful week!

Betsey + Becca  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to WTSTA: Southern Series with Betsey + Becca

Hi! We are Betsey + Becca, interior decorators behind the Joie De Vivre blog, and we are so pleased to meet you!  While Lauren gets settled in with her exciting new position, we decided to step in and get to know some of you with a Southern Series we are thrilled to curate. 

As southern ladies ourselves, we are always proud to find awesome new talent that is close to our roots.  So on Mondays for the next month, you can look forward to meeting a few of our favorite fashion, paper and textile designers, plus some up and coming artists who call the South home! 

We’ll showcase a few ladies (and maybe a few men, too!) whose creations have caught our eye, and also point out how their particular industry parallels to interiors, including favorites such as Lauren's friend, Annie Griffin:  

{Annie Griffin Spring 2013}

It’s been such fun to work with and learn more about some designers whose talent we SO admire, and hope that you find this series as fun to read as we have found it to create. 

{oldie but goodie Rifle Paper Co}

So nice to meet ya’ll… we are excited about contributing our ideas to Where the Style Things Are!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hiatus - Or, Looking for Contributors!

Thank you to the loyal readers I've gotten to know over the last (almost 4!) years! I wanted to give you some news - I've taken a full time freelance fashion editor position that will require a lot of my time, so full blown posts will be very few and far between. I'm going to be this:

When I want to be this:

However, please keep up to date with me on pinterest, instagram, twitter, and facebook as well as my regular postings monthly at Nomad Chic- I'll still be using these accounts daily, and the good news is I'll be getting a lot more fashion, style and food coverage from my new post! So please follow me, and I'll let you know when it slows down and I can return more to Where The Style Things Are. In the meantime, if you would like to be a contributor, pitch me please!  

With love,


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fashion Notes: Lovely Lucite

1. Alexis Bittar, $350 :: 2. Karmaloop, $10 :: 3. Valentino, $1295 :: 4. Hive & Honey, $30 :: 5. Stuart Weitzman, $398 :: 6. Kate Spade, $358 :: 7. C.Wonder, $98 :: 8. Nasty Gal, $40 :: 9. CC Skye, $255

I'm back with some InDesign skills! Sorry it's taken me so long to get some great product on this site. I am totally loving lucite (or acrylic or clear or plastic even, what have you) for spring - super refreshing and clean. I especially am in love with this gorgeous little acrylic clutch I got at Agora in Athens. If you want one of your own, give Airee a call there - she'll hook you up!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Links for the Weekend

Have a great weekend!

Did you sign up for Keaton Row yet? Are you sick of me asking? Please do! I would love to style you or get you set up with your own styling business!

Chic little longitude latitude bags from Sweet Spot Bags - can be made custom for any place in the world. 

Smoky pimento deviled eggs from Southern Living. Say what? 

Ok fine, I'm with the D'orsay trend now. I simply covet these ones from Phillip Lim!

Sponsored by Godiva, this Best Pastry Chefs 2013 from Tasting Table had me drooling, especially the crumb tart with cheese. 

Ever looking for bizzaro flours for gluten-free recipes? Try this website of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company. Everything from Amaranth to Brown Rice to Yellow Corn and beyond.

Looking for a new cocktail shaker with some serious Southern personality? Try this from two Southern gents who transplanted to Brooklyn - bringing together the best of both worlds when it comes to a love of heritage and style. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mary McDonald for Schumacher

Last Thursday Bestie and I went to the Mary McDonald for Schumacher party here in NYC. Little known fact - I've been doing some side projects for Schumacher which is a great honor because I love, love, love the storied company! Check out some snaps from the event as well as images from Mary's new gorgeous line

We were OBSESSED with the Chinois Palais full screen panels!

Oh my. Love, love, love the iron/sew on appliques, especially with the Vanderbilt Velvet on that to die for ottoman!

I mean...classic Mary McDonald

Um, my Georgia readers - how PERFECT would this be for a Georgia themed room!?

The Chinois Palais panels - perfect for screens, frame outs on walls, and draperies. 
Y'all - these are IRON/SEW ON!
Sew on tapes that are 6 to 8 inches wide for a huge impact!

I do love a good navy/white - and this Garden of Persia is just gorgeous. 

Schumacher is available only to the trade - but if you are trade, get thee to your seller asap for these gorgeous and iconic fabrics!


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