Thursday, June 18, 2009

Due for Some Shampoo? Try Dry

I'm not entirely sure this works for guys (so if someone wants to check it out and get back to me, that'd be peachy), but dry shampoo has saved my life. What used to be just baby powder (think a 50's woman "setting" her hair - yuck) is now a sophisticated formula that makes hair even healthier and saves you that extra 30 minutes of blow drying and styling in the morning. All you do is shake a bit into the roots at your part and at the temples of your head. Let it sit for a moment, then brush through. The benefits of dry shampoo: not having to wash your hair, for one, but also not washing your hair keeps the natural oils in it, making it healthier. Also, if you want to achieve a perfect Mary-Kate Olsen hairstyle, this is the way to add texture. I get amazing lift and staying volume from a good dose of powder - perfect for my signature side pony.

Recommended brands: Bumble&bumble (for dark hair, especially), Oscar Blandi, Pssst ($5 in drugstores!), Rene Furterer.

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