Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Official Preppy Handbook: Lesson 1

The Official Preppy Handbook (Lisa Birnbach,Workman Publishing), first printed in 1980 and now out of print, is a gem of a book, full of 80's prep wisdom, some of which is completely ludicrous and others which are still applicable. Whether you're horrified by your preppiness or pleasantly pleased you meet the requirements, it's all in good fun!

Lesson: Fashion Fundamentals, the 10 Underlying Principles for Men & Women

1. Conservatism -"Preppies wear clothes for twenty-five years and no one can tell the difference"
2. Neatness - "Preppies shirts should always be tucked in"
3. Attention to Detail - "Everything matches"
4. Practicality - " Layering is a natural response to varying weather conditions"
5. Quality - "Everything in the wardrobe should be well made"
6. Natural Fibers - " Wool, cotton, and the odd bits of silk and cashmere"
7. Anglophilia - "The British have a lot to answer for"
8. Specific Color Blindness - "Primary colors and brilliant pastels are worn indiscriminately by men and women alike, in preposterous combinations"
9. The Sporting Look - " Even if they've never been near a duck blind or gone beagling, Preppies are dressed for it"
10. Androgyny - "Men and women dress as much alike as possible and clothes for either sex should deny specifics of gender"

Brillz on the heavy prep action!

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