Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty Paper Things

I am beyond obsessed with stationary and thank you notes - I love nothing more than hand-writing a thank you on a monogrammed flat card and stamped with my custom return address stamp and monogram closure stamp. However, as far as big charity events go, paperless is preferred and widely socially acceptable, especially among the young New York charity circuit.

Planning an event? Paperless Post, created by a brother sister duo in their mid twenties, allows you to design invitations online that rival the quality of Crane, Smythson, and Mrs. John L. Strong (may she rest in peace) - without having to pay extra for the embossing.

So take a step up from evites and facebook invitations (or a break; we all know how much we love needlessly offensive evites) and try a more sophisticated approach for your next event. Even if it is a beer pong tournament.

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