Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Black List

Every month, the authority in "cool" (they're my editor for nearly everything), Blackbook, puts out a celebrity's "Black List" - the bothersome, loathsome, and hilarious (click http://www.blackbookmag.com/article/the-black-list-amy-poehler/6376 for Amy Poehler's answers). Below is my black list - what's on yours?

1. Styrafoam - It makes me want to run from a room screaming
2. Expiration dates - If it's within a week of the expiration date, I won't touch it. Seriously. This especially applies to milk.
3. People calling me Laura
4. Male fashion and grooming- tank tops, gel, square toed shoes, jeans with stuff on the butt pockets. Um, no.
5. Wannabes - just be yourself.
6. Jewelry that can't be fixed - sometimes, Krazyglue isn't enough sadly.
7. People asking me "Why are you so pale? You should get a tan"
8. Having to say, "No thanks, I'm allergic" after nearly every offer of food
9. People who always have make-up on - I am highly suspicious of this
10. The smell of Kombucha

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