Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Les French...They have that, comment dit-on, je ne sais quoi?

The French. Yes, we have our opinions, but this opinion is that such good has come from the frogs, especially in the way of lifestyle and fashion (although I hear French cuisine is on the decline?). has a few reasons to celebrate the French this season, and most are impossibly chic and totally French.

Why Everything French is Hot Again

Bubblicious. Ruches, ruffles, poofs, and bubbles are (still) in

Coco the Chic. The fascination with Mme Chanel keeps coming, especially with the new Audrey Tatou biopic (directed by Anne Fontaine) on its way stateside soon.

King of Pop. Which came first, Balmain or Michael Jackson? No matter, they're one in the same and the collection embodies a 23 year old, chain-smoking, red lipped, dirty-haired, beautifully dressed fille.

French Women Don't Get Fat. And our other obsessions with their (lack) of weight. Hilary Swank is to star in the cinema version which she also produced, and we'll finally be able to see just where all those croissants go to.

Effortless Chic. Lou
Dillion. Her sister Charlotte Gainsbourg. Carine Roitfeld. Catherine Deneuve. Bridgit Bardot. First Lady Carla Bruni. They are the reigning reines of "off the cuff" fashion - minimal makeup, minimal hair, minimal styling equals effortless chic.

Waiting for Isabel. Personally, so excited when (if) Isabel
Marant comes to us. Etoile, Isabel Marant - every piece - love it! Loved
LOVED the campaign. The boho slouchy tees, the tossed-on vests, the super skinny jeans, the cool and tough boots - to die for.

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