Sunday, July 26, 2009

My stomach growls for this owl!

Finally....civetta! Finally. Ate there the other night with a group of 6 and we ordered plate after plate after plate of food, plus cocktails. I was shocked (!) when the bill came and we each only owed $54! I was expecting at least twice that. Our waiter, a Chris March look-alike (or was it Chris March??), was pleasant, informative, and entertaining. I would love to tell you what I had, but it was all written in Italian. There was baby octopus, risotto balls, little handpies filled with meats and cheeses, a cheese plate, a meat plate, spinach pie....and about 30 wines by the glass. I snuck downstairs into the lounge area to use the restroom and the Victorian candles alone are calling for me to come back and have a few drinks with the girls. The downside? The subway runs literally right below the dining room, but since I lived in the NYU dorm right above Civetta when I was interning, I'm used to this and unaffected. Give it a try, seriously! They've got a few kinks to still work out, but overall, a great experience and my new neighb fave.

Pictures courtesy of and Civetta is located at 98 Kenmare.

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