Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Official Preppy Handbook: Lesson 3

Your friendly lesson of the day!


Friday Night: Slumming
Slumming actually means performing activities that are perfectly normal to non-Prep society...they don't have a chance to go home and change, so they end up in all these places in their work clothes.

Saturday Night: Dancing
Preppies love to dance...drink lots of wine or champagne. After dinner everyone piles into cabs and goes off to a night club. Ideal dancing conditions consist of a roomy dance floor, and cheap drinks. The preferred style of dancing is a hybrid of a discreet two-step and an animated jitterbug...Southerners and Princetonians excel.

Sunday: The Brunch
Sunday brunch was invented to give people an excuse to drink during the day...all you have to talk about is your hangovers...a thorough post-mortem of the previous evening is also sure to amuse. The hour is late; one o'clock is standard. Dress is cozy.

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