Monday, August 17, 2009

The Official Preppy Handbook: Lesson 5

Body Types!

Oy, here we go....

The Official Preppy Handbook's Guide to Basic Body Types

There are three distinct body types for each sex.


The Cute Boy - "Pepsodent smile, moderate muscles, early James Franciscus look. Attended Woodberry Forest, UVA." - (yes, please!)

The Good Old Boy - "Beautiful eyes, spare tire, genetically attached beer can. Attended Lawrenceville and Hampden-Sydney."

The Aesthere - "Tortoise-shell glasses, absence of body hair, abundance of freckles. Attended Portsmouth Abbey and Harvard."


The Cute Girl - "Slim hips, small bust, pretty but never voluptuous. Attended Masters School, Pine Manor."

The Party-hearty Girl - "Lovely hair, love handles, cigarette pack, lighter, and lit cigarette. Attended Oldfields and Hollins."

The Amazon - "Thick ankles, muscular legs, big-boned. Attended Middlesex and Princeton."

Thoughts mes amis??

Big Preppy Kiss

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