Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House of Lavande: Yes, Please.

Expertly edited for the most discerning of fashionistas, House of Lavande is nothing short of perfection when looking for vintage baubles. You know, when you have a couple thou just burning a hole in your pocket. Based out of Palm Beach, they search the world over for the best of the best in costume jewelry - and now vintage bags!

70's Fendi bag

70's Italian Coral necklace



60's Ciner earrings

Aching for a knockout piece such as these? You don't need to spend a fortune - try these options from Forever 21:

Forever 21, $8.80

Forever 21, $10.80

Visit House of Lavande at www.houseoflavande.com, or if you're in Palm Beach give them a call at 561 802 3737.

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