Friday, September 11, 2009

John Derian

A dear friend of mine turned me onto this home goods/lifestyle store, and I can't get enough of it - sometimes I have to avoid walking on 2nd St just because I know I'll be tempted to go in. John Derian is famous for his decoupage work which is drool-worthy, elegant, whimsical, and just right in every way - you feel like you've stumbled into a French alleyway filled with antiques. A few shots of the 2nd St store from

It's no newsflash to New Yorkers - John Derian and John Derian Dry Goods have been style staples for both the Uptown and the Downtown set for a while. But the next time you're in New York and find yourself strolling down 2nd St, go'll have a hard time leaving without something you never knew you had to have.

Decoupage Peacock plate, $48
Decoupage Giraffe Platter, $106

John Derian is located at 6 E 2nd St in the East Village. John Derian Dry Goods is next door.

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