Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh, Olivia!

Say what you want about the girl, but she rarely missteps in her fashion choices. I've seen her turn into one of the prettiest on reality TV and she really does deserve style-maven status and isn't a bad representation of the New York elite (and is drop dead, stunningly gorgeous in person). It even appears (or really is) that she shops and styles with what she buys, as opposed to just borrowing and having a stylist style you head-t0-toe. Her favorites include Topshop, Zac Posen (her bff was the PR director at Zac and is now at Topshop), Chanel, Valentino, DVF (duh), American Apparel, Lia Sophia, and Roberta Freyman, who she is working on a collab with. Can't wait to see, and to catch her on The City, Season 2, tune in to MTV at 10pm on Sept 29th.

Below, eight of my favorite of Olivia's looks:

And a few examples of Roberta Freymann's necklaces (one of my favorite jewelry designers!):

styled in a Cosmopolitan fashion well story
image from
image from

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