Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fashion & Beauty Tips for Right Now

* Dress for your body shape and your body shape only: face the mirror and find a silhouette that works for you. Try using husbands and boyfriends to find out what flatters - instead of asking "Do I look fat?" try "Is this hot?" You'll know. They'll tell you.

* Buy separates in neutrals - brown, black, grey, navy, and white ALWAYS go together. Very little will not mix.

* Don't buy for only one season - try to find transitional pieces to mix in with seasonal pieces like cozy sweaters or tank tops.

* Have a fail-safe signature uniform, something that makes you feel powerful, confident, and chic that you can rely on time and time again.

* Even if it is a cliche, try to get things that can go day-to-night quickly. This can most easily be done with jewels.

* {From makeup artist Gucci Westman}: "Take long baths that make you sweat; they are great for circulation and metabolism."

* {From founder of Bloom cosmetics, Natalie Bloom}: "Create the illusion of fuller lashes by simply applying eyeliner to the inside upper rim of the eye, followed by applying mascara by hugging the lash line and wiggling the wand out to the tips."

* {From makeup artist Jemma Kidd}: "When using mascara, wear black on your top lashes and brown on your bottom lashes. This will focus more attention on the top lashes, making them more noticeable, while giving definition to the bottom lashes."

*{ From Catherine Zeta-Jones}: "Try a new bright lipstick and a new fragrance, taking care of yourself and pampering yourself. It makes you feel special and beautiful. "

* {From Elle Macpherson}: "Always use a sunscreen that contains physical blockers like zinc oxide to reduce sun damage. Sunscreen is the most important beauty product you can buy."

*{ Elizabeth Hurley}: "My grandmother was obsessed with fresh's good for your skin!"

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