Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Dance!!

Guest of a Guest posted an article of the best places to dance without getting hassled by a bouncer, which I happen to agree with. Their list, in full:

Home Sweet Home 131 Chrystie St

"Home Sweet Home lives up to its name by transporting you to an unfinished suburban basement. But at least you'll have some taxidermy to admire as you move to indie rock on the bar's concrete floors."

Dark Room 165 Ludlow St

"No longer the after-concert gig favored by bands like The Strokes and Interpol, Dark Room is now the place to dance to their music. There's some 80's cheese thrown in for good measure, just in case you haven't tired of belting along to "Don't Stop Believin.' "

Automatic Slims 733 Washington St

"How this cramped postage stamp of a bar always gets people dancing is anyone's guess. But dance they do. Located just south of the club-laden Meatpacking District, Automatic Slims is a welcome alternative to the velvet ropes and bottle service that accompany dancing in the area."

[Ed note: My first two years in New York were spotted with hazy memories of busting out of Auto Slims to take a breathing break. And 99% of the time someone's credit card was lost, it was at Auto Slims.]

Lit 93 Second Ave

"The last bar you would ever take your parents is the first bar you should take your dance crew. As the night progresses, Lit's two floors are taken over by happy feet rocking out to a mix of New Wave, hip-hop, and electropunk. Lit's mysteriously manic energy levels partially explain its glacial bathroom lines, so relieve yourself elsewhere before getting down and dirty."

Mehanata 113 Ludlow

"The laser lights and occasional cover charge might suggest club. But frankly, this Bulgarian clubhouse is too weird to be classified at all. You can jam out to gypsy punk, pay $20 to drink unlimited vodka in a giant freezer and sample Blugarian cuisine, whatever that might be. Last time [the writer] was there, the night started with an impromptu basement limbo contest. Beat that, nightclubs."

[Ed note: this. sounds. awesome. who's with me?]

And now, my addendum:

Gatsby's 63 Spring St

If you have been to New York to visit any of us, you've been to Gatsby's. Probably multiple times. The older we get, the harder it is to tolerate the level of the music, but I've always preferred standing out in the street between Gatsby's and Spring Lounge anyway.

Bowery Electric 327 Bowery

I keep toting it as the best place to dance, but it really is. I've maybe bought three drinks in so many trips to this bar because mostly I want just water because I've been dancing my little butt off to the amazing choice of tunes the adorable DJ spins. (She prefers poof 50's prom dresses to white tees - take that, Sam Ronson.)

Upstairs at Piano's 158 Ludlow St

If the main level of Piano's is your parent's bar, then upstairs is your kid sister's craft room. Low ceilings, black lights, paint on the walls - everything you need to make your own party (DJ included).

Von Bar 3 Bleecker St

New to my repertoire, Von Bar is, quite frankly, a bitch to find. But once you do, you're rewarded heavily. Push your way past the main bar upstairs, round the corner, and go down another set of stairs to finally get to your dance destination. The ceilings are low, the bar is cramped, but the atmosphere is electric and the music is good.

The Red Lion 151 Bleecker St

Oh, Red Lion! Brings back insane memories. The Red Lion has live music every night of the week, so you know you're always going to get a good time and be partially deaf for days after. Favorites of mine include a Van Morrisson cover band and a punk cover band. The only downside is the influx of NYU kids - which was great at 23, a little unfortunate now.

And, an homage needs to be paid to the old Martignetti's, when it was on Houston, which was still one of the most fantastic places to be sloppy. Come back, please!

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