Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Favorite, Favorite, Store in NY

I am supposed to be an "authority" on shopping, but whenever anyone asks me what my favorite store in NY is, I have to be truthful: It's Economy Candy on Rivington. My sweet tooth is no secret, and Economy Candy is the Mecca for all things saccarhine. It's got that old New York feel to it, and sells everything you can think of - imported British candies (Yay, Flakes!), sour watermelons, candy cigarettes. The only thing they don't sell are cinnamon lifesavers (sorry, Grandpa!). Last weekend we took a family trip down to our favorite store and my sister actually ended up out buying me - a first. Look at my goods!

they already had Christmas stuff out!
My goods for the day - the Pop Rocks were especially popular later on.
Check out Economy Candy on Rivington Street between Ludlow and Essex

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