Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2010 Food Predictions

As I sit here and finish an entire box of French butter cookies, peruse the below predictions for "hot foods" for 2010 from Always Hungry NY:

1. Artisanal Italian beer everywhere.

2. Large-format alternative (not steak or chicken) proteins for two.

3. Lamb belly becomes the new pork belly.

4. Italian Small Plate (aka “Stuzzichini”) Restaurants

5. Brain is the hot new Offal

6. Mexican Infusion: Fusion Cuisine and Sandwich Revolution

Their food trends of 2009:

Steaks not from a steakhouse (a la Minetta)
Octopus (truth - I've had way more octopus in recent memory)
Haute Dogs (a la DBGB - coincidentally, they also serve octopus)

image courtesy of Minetta Tavern

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