Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Martha Stewart Bows to Masterstroke Canada

From the Martha Stewart Wedding Blog is an interview with what has got to be one of the most interesting jobs I've ever heard of: ribbon expert. Get yourself in the mood for wrapping those last-minute gifts with the below interview with Steven Fraser.

Katie: What are the ribbon trends you are seeing?
Steven: Dots and stripes are really big right now, and customized or printed ribbon, which we do in house, is very popular for bridal bouquets.
K: Is there an ideal width or type of ribbon for a bouquet handle?
S: 1 1/2-inch-wide ribbon is the most common for wrapping a bouquet, but a 2-inch-wide ribbon makes a nice bow, depending on the size of the bouquet (and the bride carrying it). 3- or 4-inch satin would even be good for the bow, with the stems wrapped in the narrower satin to cut down on costs.
K: What is the craziest thing someone has done with your ribbons for their wedding?
S: I should have been writing them down over the years because we've had some really elaborate requests. One bride used 1000 yards of organdy ribbon to do basket weave toppers on all the reception tables. Another went through about 10 shades of blue trying to match her bouquet to the guests' favor boxes, which were gifts from Tiffany & Co.
K: What are the most popular ribbon colors?
S: The most popular color for bridal is basically cream, or as we know them, ivory, ecru, creme, lattel, bridal white, winter white, candlelight, bone, etc. The most popular color we've had in recent years is surprisingly chartreuse green. It has become a year round favorite, used in everything from bouquets at spring weddings to holiday wreaths.
K: What's your favorite new ribbon?
S: I love the new iridescent 5"-wide striped taffeta ribbons I did last year; the colors are deep and rich for holiday decor, but there are also a couple of pastel shades for weddings, too. I love it when I have the chance to create ribbon colors, so this one is kind of special to me. I'm also in love with our new reversible dots from France--very "au courant."

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