Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Only The Best of The Best: Gift Guide for....The Foodie (& Drinkie)

Ok let's face it - women tend to take better care of their living spaces, spending time and energy to make them homes and not just houses - and by choice, not because we have to for ourselves or anyone else. (Rosie the Riveter!) Here, for those girls that like to spend a little extra time in the kitchen and bar:

Set of agate coasters, Vivre $58 (to keep the condensation from the martinis off the table)
Imported sea salt, Gourmet Food Store, $20 (ultimate in culinary chic)
Pig and cow cutting boards, Environment 337 - $32 each (just don't put the cheese on the cow one and the meats on the pig!)
Panda skillet, Fred Flare, $26 (for those with a sense of humor about their grilled cheese)
Melamine monogrammed plate, In This Very Room, $25 (perfect for putting out those secret recipe cookies)
Half pint creamer, Moma store, $14 (Because everyone needs a little kitsch on the table)
La Fee Absinthe, Drink Up NY, $59 (for those times when only this will do)
Jacobean tumbler, Jayson Home and Garden, $18 each (dahhling, because, why not?)
Plastic bar dish, Fontaine Maury, $45 (for her to put the monogrammed tumblers and monogrammed napkins on)
Chocolate Mice, Burdick, $32 (yum)
Better Crocker recipe cards, Fred Flare, $17.95 (the right size for posting Food Network printouts)
Balthazar Cookbook, Conran USA, $37.50 (so she can make those baguettes just right)

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