Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Only The Best of The Best: Gift Guide for....The Boyfriend

You didn't think we'd forget them, did you? Men (boys) are hard to shop for, with the reasoning that they\ would buy xyz for themselves if they wanted it. They're terrible gift receivers, too. First and foremost I think that experiences are best for guys- concert tickets, plane tickets, autographed sports memorabilia, events they can look forward to. But here are a few things that will make them smile, excite them, and possibly tear them away from sending crazy cat pictures at work and Sports Center.

Roadie cups, The Monogram Shops, $3 each (at this price, who cares if he leaves it in the cab?)

Custom m&m's, Target, $30 for 3 bags (so you can write anything from "Girls Rule, boys Drool"  to "I love you hunny bunny")

Refresh charging station, A Plus R Store, $90 (because he likes things that simplify his life)

Pirate bandages, Perpetual Kid, $3 (so you can partially fulfill some Johnny Depp dream)

Tartan scarf, Pendleton, $40 (because surprisingly, a lot of boys don't own scarves)

Marshmallow shooter, Amazon, $24.95 (A fun gadget-y thing. He'll definitely like it.)

20th Century Art Book, Jayson Home and Garden, $24.95 (for the one that likes this sort of thing...or needs to fill his half-empty bookshelf)

In God We Trust "In It To Win It" card case, Refinery29, $60 (a cute little reminder for him to see every day)

iKareoke, Fred Flare, $60 (so he can practice his Enrique solos in the living room instead of the shower)

Golf organizer, Gumps, $60 (because you want to get into the car without sitting on stray tees)

Portable grill, Design Within Reach, $60 (another gadget, but this one makes fire!)

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