Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Running Out of Time?

Running out of time? Forget those last minute gifts? I'm not endorsing it by any means (you should have done this ages ago!), but if you must regift, please keep these guidelines in mind:


- Make sure the item is in good condition.

- Make sure all the seals are in tact.

- Regift in different social circles.

- Only use items that are a good match for the recipient; don't just try to unload extra or unusable gifts.

- Remove the evidence - how embarrassing if the original card was in the box!

- Give anything unwanted away to charity. (My charity of preference if you live in Virginia, New Jersey, or Maryland: The Lupus Foundation,

So you don't have a social faux pas next year, try these simple rules for Stress-Free Giving:

- Ask for wish lists. If you know they want it, it's not wrong to get it for them!

- Trust your judgment. If you think they would have to fake a smile upon opening, reconsider.

-Don't buy just so people have things to open. Someone will appreciate one nice, well-thought out gift versus a few okay gifts.

- Stick to a budget. You're not impressing anyone by going into debt to buy him that flat screen or her that sparkly bracelet. If you don't make a lot of money - straight out of college, for example - people expect gifts within your price range.

- Buy it when you see it. If you see something in August that would be perfect for someone, buy it then! You can store it until the holidays. Your wallet will thank you as well if you buy gifts here and there rather than all at once.

- Get a gift and card closet. Learned this one from Mama - always have things on hand. Stock up on fancy candies, bottles of wine, books, stationary sets, etc. that you can give if you are in a pinch. Same with cards.

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