Monday, December 7, 2009

We Don't Need No Education...Oh Wait, But We Want It?

I've been delving into the world of Continuing Education lately, as I am 100% confirmed nostalgic for college but lacking the motivation for getting a M.A. Guest of a Guest lists here the Guide to the Best Classes and Hobbies in NYC. I've put together my own list of the particularly interesting ones I've found, and I encourage you to look around your city for some as well - you never know!

NYU: New York: City of Art learn about art on permanent display

NYU: From Orientalism to the Flapper learn about Chanel, Poiret, Patou, Vionnet, and the influence of dancing, music, and art in fashion

Parson's: American Culinary History From the Eerie Canal to the Food Network

The New School: Antiques Connoisseurship learn antiques from reproductions in a historical context

NY Goofs: brush up on your clown skills

92nd St Y: Learning Mah-Jongg so you can beat your grandma next time

92nd St Y: Intro to Champagne and Sparkling Wine to impress a date

NYU: Personal Finance Basics Help yourself to stay on track

Trapeze School of New York choose from Trampoline, Silks, Flying Trapeze

Cooper Union: Writing New York Stories stories based in and about new york

NYU: Career Transitions for Journalists just in case

NYU: Fashion Writing to get Candy Pratts Price's job

And for the DC folk:

APSVA.US - Arlington Continuing Ed classes

Holiday Floral Arrangements
Beginning Guitar
Business Etiquette
Writing Memoirs
American Sign Language
Pet First Aid and CPR (no, really)
How to Get from Here to There: Tips and Tricks for Getting Around DC
Understanding How Congress Works
Furniture Repair and Refinishing

There are also countless online classes where they email you lesson plans - great for learning personal finance, HTML, Dreamweaver, etc.
See what's out there in your neck of the woods and let me know!

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