Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Karlie, oh Karlie, let down your hair!

Rapunzel perfection.


Shot by Paolo Roversi.

Hermes has long been the authority in refinery, established in the mid 19th century as a saddle shop by a Frenchman. French and English influences have made it what it is today – the ultimate in luxury, based on a strong tradition of “refined elegance.”

I’ve seen super-creative ways to utilize Hermes scarves, from ottoman covers (throw a lucite box with baubles in it on top), pillows, wall hangings; Grace Kelly used an Hermes scarf as a sling when she broke her arm. A great introduction to Hermes scarves is a twilly.

1-20-2010 8-41-54 PM hermesdomino

twilly available on, framed hermes scarf via domino magazine

Twillys are genius in that they don’t cost a lot (relatively speaking), but they give you that little bit of Hermes exclusivity. I tie mine on bags, around my neck, around my head, and mostly around my wrists as a bracelet. The next size up jumps in price, so my tip? Look in the mens department for pocket squares. They’re a little less in price but have all the color and impact that a large womens scarf does.

Big Hermes Orange Kiss x

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