Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two First Looks: Village Tart & Choptank


I usually pay incredible attention to my surroundings, so I was surprised this one snuck up on me like it did. Village Tart, now open, is located next to the now-defunct Civetta,  just a ways down from La Esquina and Cafe Select. Kenmare has been quite a hot spot as of late, and Village Tart will no doubt bring the chic set down to this corner of the block.


From Pinchet Ong and the guys behind Permanent Brunch  comes a sweet and savory menu full of mouth-watering tarts, cookies, and bars. (Click here to see full menu). The full cafe and bar won’t be open until Feb 1, but for now I’ll get my kicks on the Debbie Harrys (blondies, get it?!) that are nut-less – so, so hard to find anywhere. It was brown sugary deliciousness and on the small side, but it packed all the flavor I needed into one little slice.


images via Thrillist

I also took away a slice of the Nutella tort, which was light, softly chocolately, and covered in some sort of white goo that I still can’t figure out. It’ s going to be an expensive habit, but gourmet tarts are worth it, right?


Second up is Choptank, new to Bleecker street where the old Q Bar was. The fare is Chesapeake Bay inspired, heavy on the seafood and clean on the interiors, including a fully heated back porch that I can only speculate will be incredible in the summertime.



images via Urban Daddy

My reason for going to Choptank in the pouring, torrential rain? The fried chicken. I saw a preview menu with Fried Chicken with Black Pepper Honey and my craving for it became so instant that nothing else would satisfy it.


fried chicken image via always hungry ny

My friend and I started with the Virginia Ham plate – succulent, thinly shaved bits of salty ham served with butter, biscuits, and honey. Unreal. Up next was the main event, which completely lived up to its expectations. Not so stellar was the shrimp po’ boy my friend ordered, but it didn’t matter because there was enough fried chicken to go around. Dessert (of course) was banana bread pudding with caramel ice cream – just thinking about it again makes my mouth water.  Two very sticky thumbs up!

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