Thursday, January 28, 2010

What To Get Your Gal on V-Day

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is pointless, and not just because I don’t have a serious boyfriend to take me out and pull out all the stops. I always think that gift giving should be done randomly and when you see something that is truly special for the recipient, but to help out all you guys who will no doubt leave it until the last minute, here are a few things that your gal might go for.


IMG_8432   stevenalan68 stevenalan38crazysexycool40 iloveyoumorethanfacebookstoreyshop12.50 lineacarta8.1 lineacarta8

1. Macaroons, J. Chanceux by Vivian Lay, 203 Mott St, $6 for 6* 2. Plaid bralet and ruffled bloomers,  Steven Alan, 103 Franklin St or  229 Elizabeth St, $68 and $38* 3. Crazysexycool brass heart necklace, In God We Trust, 265 Lafayette St or 153 Ludlow St, $40 (other styles available, customizable with two weeks notice)* 4. I love you more than….hand cut cards by Storey Shop on Etsy, $12.50 for this particular style* 5. Custom love letter (up to 25 words max), Lineacarta on Etsy, $8

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