Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Lucky Little Duckies


The below two interiors are mind-blowing. The first is the New Orleans carriage house home of artist Amanda Stone Talley. I am so inspired by her space! Back houses aren’t large, and she uses light, color, space, and reflection to really maximize what she has. The Leotine Linens shams are to die for.

The second is from Anna Kohler, a Minneapolis girl with such a perfect balance between young and modern and timeless and classic.  I love how both of them have perfectly curated apartments – everything has a purpose and a place.

1-29-2010 10-55-15 AM 1-29-2010 10-54-35 AM 1-29-2010 10-52-33 AM 1-29-2010 10-54-10 AM

Amanda Stone Talley images via Casasugar


renovationstyleannakohler_thumb1 renovationstyle2_thumb1 renovationstyle3_thumb1 renovationstyle4_thumb1 renovationstyle5_thumb1 renovationstyle6_thumb1 renovationstyle_thumb1

Anna Kohler images via  Renovation Style

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