Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tears for Tear Sheets?


As an obvious magazine devotee (they do provide my salary and all), I was at first a bit resistant to the online interactive magazines that have been cropping up recently. However, it’s a sign of the times. Lonny, God bless it, is an absolutely wonderful replacement for Domino mag (RIP). And the rest aren’t so bad, either!

So what is an interactive magazine? It’s set up like a magazine, with flipping pages and everything, but it’s online. Like something you see in the ads or content pages? Click on it and it will link you direct to the site. Pretty cool, all things considered.

Do I think these will replace magazines? Maybe, some day, way down the line. But I hope not. There’s something to be said for dog-ear-ing pages, collecting tear sheets, putting together inspiration boards. Right now, I think they can coexist, though. What do you think?

Check out a few of the interactive magazines I like right now:


Lonny mag cover December


3174b_Nesting Newbies Winter 2010 Cover


glossy mag front cover



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