Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Julia B. & Julia B.


Two items in the world of Julias today:

My dear friend Julia Blake  (hey Blake!) and I are debating splitting these recycled crystal chairs from Canvas. It’s $240 for 2 – which is actually an awesome price if you’re not broke like me! I need to stop spending all my money on paper – stationary, books, and the like. Should we buy them?

And, I’ve discovered a new linens line called Julia B that Julia B #1 (Julia Blake) will love, and not just because it bears her name. These linens are gorgeous. Above and beyond gorgeous – see below for the proof.



juliab1 juliab

Oh, and Julia Blake? They can create a wedding registry! Contact Julia B for exquisite linens here or visit her in CT. A lady doesn’t drool, but if she did, it would certainly be over these. Perhaps you should purchase a monogrammed hanky as well.

{first image via Canvas, other images via Julia B}

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