Friday, September 24, 2010

In Which I Search the Entire Island of Manhattan

Ok, so everything old is new again, right? I don’t know about you, but I used to think that chinese-looking pottery was well, cheesy. 80’s. Cheap. But alas, I’ve come around. While I don’t hide my affection for Chinoiserie (French fancy way of saying Chinese by way of French), Chinois pottery is a new fascination for me. I really want a blue and white one for next to my trunk at the end of my bed. I’ve checked into all of these:


West Elm, $199


Wisteria, $129



Clayton Gray, $240


Horchow, $143


Overstock, $107.99


Hm. I really wanted to do this on a super budget, scouring home and garden stores in the floral district for cheap pottery, flea markets, etc, to no satisfaction. So I went to the source: Pearl River. At $65.50, we have a winner!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caution: Woman at work!

Will be back with TONS more posts soon - my real job has been kicking my little butt lately! xo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raines Law Room – Hot Date Spot

raineslawroom raineslawroom1

So this post is about 6 months late, but hopefully it’ll be new information to some of you! I’m a little biased- boyfriend first kissed me after a date here, but I like to think because the atmosphere was just that perfect. I made a reservation for a weekday night without a problem and we were rewarded with a Milk & Honey experience without mercifully being Milk & Honey. Drinks were awesome, the noise level was such that you could actually hear yourself, and it has that all-important mystique of is-this-the-door-is-this-not-the-door-where-am-I so vital to New York’s speakeasy scene.

Bonus: the waitress is only summoned when you want her by a silent bell at  your table – that means no awkward conversation interruptions! I would recommend this for a 2nd date when you actually want to have good conversation.

Raines Law Room is located at 48 W 17th Street. To make a reservation, email


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