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Ready, Set, Hiking Boots? A Guide for Guys

I am SO pleased to have Antonio Centeno of A Tailored Suit and frequent guest blogger on The Art of Manliness guest posting for us today! When it comes to a man’s wardrobe, I only have so much to offer – Antonio is a bona fide goldmine of information and style. A true gentleman, Antonio made sure we spoke by phone before agreeing to this post and it does make all the difference. I’ve asked him to solve the common problem for guys of what to wear to a sporting event. Enjoy!

You have a Giants game you’ll be attending tonight; what do you wear?Although this may seem like a no brainer, the answer isn’t as simple as most men would like. How does a man who wears custom suits Monday through Friday dress to a professional sporting event where he is likely to run into his
professional peers? Is it permissible for him to slip back into his college days of jeans and a sweatshirt? How does he dress down without dressing unprofessionally?

The purpose of this article is to give you guidance when confronted with the problem of what to wear to a sporting event. Please note - as much as I would like to give you a simple list of what type of clothing you should wear, I can’t. There are just too many factors playing into this equation. What I do present
however is a series of things to pay attention to; by doing this you’ll narrow down your choices and at least make the final decision easier.

Know Your Personal Style

First and foremost, a man should dress with confidence in clothing he know he looks good in. To do this, you must understand your personal style. At the same game one man will look great in a charcoal suit, white dress shirts, and classic oxford dress shoes while another man is better complimented by a lightly colored dress shirt worn under a soft colored team sweater with denim and loafers. Neither man is wrong; one is dressed for the stands and in colors that compliment light hair and light skin, the other for a luxury booth in a combination that suits dark hair and a medium complexion.


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Pay attention to your Environment

Weather & Dressing for a Sporting Event – Is the event indoors at the Astrodome or outside at Lambeau Field in December? Dressing in layers, having a jacket, and if the weather is going to be wet packing a poncho/rain jacket will make the difference between an unforgettable or miserable four
hours. And don’t assume because it’s in a dome you’re going to be fully protected from the weather. Heating systems break down and retractable roofs have been known to malfunction.


{the ubiquitous – but for a good reason!- Barbour jacket, $399, Orvis}

Sporting Event Location – Regional dress codes apply – attending a football game at the University of Wisconsin in Madison calls for sweatshirts and jeans. Attend a game at the University of Georgia in Athens and you’ll fit in perfectly by wearing a sport jacket and dress slacks. The same type of sporting event but two very different expectations of what it means to be a spectator.

Professional Level of the Sporting Event - High school and for the most part college events are more relaxed in their dress; a high school basketball game even in New York City will find most people decked out in the clothing they wore to work. Professional events are more varied, as the factor of where you
will be seated plays into the calculation. Are you in the nosebleed seats or out in left field looking to catch a homerun? Think casual. Is your company treating you to box seats or a luxury seating with VIPs – expect to be at least wearing a sport jacket and possibly dark suit with full on tie if you are going to be conducting business.


{university of georgia pledges}

Pay Attention to with whom you are attending the game.

Your professional peers and boss – If this is a company sponsored event, make no mistake, you are being observed. Just like the company picnic, this is a deceptively dangerous event for the man who thinks it’s alright to cut loose in front of his co-workers and boss. Avoid dressing too casually; depending
on what your company dress code is and your own personal style, you’ll not want to dress in a manner that veers too far from your established image. Are your employees used to seeing you in a suit and tie – then wearing a sport jacket, dress shirt, and odd trousers is a smart decision on a cool fall evening.
Attending a summer baseball game in Milwaukee with your IT office mates and boss – slacks, slip-ons, and a collared sport polo supporting the Brewers is a better choice than a T-shirt, jeans, and running shoes.

A Date – Attending a sporting event with a date is a great way to become closer with another human being. The energy and excitement is contagious, and you can expect to at some point come in contact with your new close friend. For men I always recommend dressing a bit sharper than you normally
would and if you can wear at least a sport jacket. A jacket on a man makes him look taller, leaner, and overall more masculine. Plus, if your date is cold you have something to give her. It goes without saying you should make sure everything, from your breath to your shirt, is clean and crisp.

Casual Acquaintances – Your close friends are bringing friends and friends of friends. The answer here depends a lot on you and your personality. Are you outgoing and in business for yourself – dress to create a solid first impression as you’ll easily be starting off on a good foot. More of an introvert and looking to have an intimate conversation with one or two people you already know… can dress down a bit.

Close Friends – You’re attending the game with family or friends who have seen you in ultra-causal environments. Short of dressing in a manner that embarrasses those you’re with, you options are completely open assuming you take into account the professional level of the event.

Final Note

A man should always take pride in his personal appearance, and a sporting event is no exception. The fact of the matter is you never know who you’re going to meet; the person you shake hands tonight may connect you to your dream job, lead you to a sale, or be the woman you marry. We do ourselves no
favors dressing in an unkempt manner. Being overdressed for a sporting event is quickly forgotten once the game starts, but being poorly dressed can set a negative tone that ends a relationship before it even starts.

Written by Antonio Centeno
President, A Tailored Suit
Solid Advice on Men’s Clothing

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