Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spotlight On: Annie Griffin Collection

Back in the summer of 2004 I studied abroad in Innsbruck, Austria with hundreds of kids from around the South. Included in that group was SMU student Annie Gerber Griffin – who is now designing a beautiful contemporary collection! Below, I spoke with Annie about her designs and her plans for the future!


{from the 2011 Spring photoshoot}

Annie! So great to speak with you! I didn’t even know you were a designer until the power of Facebook told me. How did you start designing? Do you have a design background?

First, I received my BFA at The Meadows School of Art at SMU with a concentration in painting. After graduating, I began working with an in interior designer. I simply loved working with fabrics and couldn’t get my mind off of the exploration of clothing design, so decided to go to SCAD and try my hand at fashion design. A year later, with the help and encouragement of my instructors, I started my venture into fashion.

Where do you get your inspiration? What was inspiration for fall? for spring?

I love color! Whether I'm designing, decorating or painting it all begins with a color scheme. I'm also drawn to art that has a natural, free form.  Spring was a bit more playful than fall, but both have that easy feel I'm inspired by. 


{a sneak peak at the Spring 2011 line!}

Who is an Annie Griffin girl? She seems young, knowledgeable, stylish, and attracted to whimsy.

I often think of Katherine Ross, the beautiful 60's and 70's actress....  She had a fun, flirty quality with a vintage feel that I love.

Where can we buy your awesome designs? I wish there was one in New York I could purchase from.

We're now selling to over 30 stores (predominately in the Southeast) but we are starting to pick up stores in the north and even overseas, which we are really excited about. We are planning to open an online store in February 2011… look out for it at www.anniegriffincollection.com

That’s so great – you’re even selling to my college favorite, Heery’s, and Sea Island shops. What trends should we look forward to for Spring 2011?

I focused a lot on bright colors and bold patterns.  I had my own prints created for the first time… very vibrant, loose watercolor prints.


{model is our mutual friend Alice Callahan!}

Right now, it is a scary time to take risks.  Having simple prints and neutral colors is great for lowering cost, but the fashion industry is all about innovation, so I went with it. The lightweight silks and whimsical colors create a very young, versatile collection.

They look fantastic and I’m glad you took the risk, I know it will pay off! What’s the most versatile piece a girl can have in her wardrobe? 

A silk blouse you can wear all seasons. If you can dress it up with your favorite black pants or dress it down with your favorite jeans, you've got a winner.

You have no idea – it’s been so hard to find a silk blouse that is versatile for all seasons. I am obsessed with them! I can’t wait for the Kirin blouse to be available for Spring 2011.


What's a day like for you when it comes to designing and running a small business?

It's far from glamorous! It's fun and creative when it comes to designing, but from the drafting table to meeting with store owners it can be tedious and hectic. I'm incredibly fortunate to have my sister, Robin as a new partner! She loves to sell, and I love to design! It will allow me to focus on what I love the most… designing!

Any advice for those that want to begin designing?

The absolute, number one thing is to get an internship or work in the field! Learn as much as you can before considering taking the plunge.  My sister wanted to start working with me when she graduated college, but I insisted she work in the industry first.  The fashion industry is so much more than pretty clothes and runways. It's a complicated business that needs constant nurturing.

Aside from getting an internship, I would say my biggest advice to those looking to design is, determination.  No matter what, when starting a new business you will hit roadblocks along the way.  You have to be patient, learn from any mistakes, and keep moving forward!


Where the Style Things Are in the MEG dress with BFF Frankers.

Visit Annie Griffin online!


  1. I absolutely ADORE Annie Griffin!! The clothes are absolutely amazing and I cannot wait for the Spring 2011 Collection! I am so glad "Where The Style Things Are" did a blog on Annie! What a great piece!

  2. I just moved from the south and LOVE Annie Griffin. Bring it up to NYC!!
    Thanks "Where The Style Things Are" for featuring one of my favorite designers! Love all your blogs!

  3. I LOVE everything Annie Griffin has already done and what is to come! Can't wait for the online store and spring collection!! This is really some great advice for those looking to get into the fashion industry. I love this blog!!

  4. thanks for reading y'all! Annie is great and I'm sure she'll find great new stores for her collection in NYC soon. xo

  5. Great post Lauren, so glad so many people get to hear about Annie Griffin! Love the clothes!

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