Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me Likey Dooney & Burke

A friend of mine had a great classic, clean leather bag on the other day - reminiscent of old school Gucci and always classic Hermes. I asked where she had gotten it and she shocked the heck out of me when she admitted that it was none other than Dooney & Burke, a throwback to my mother's closet. I personally own three Dooney bags - all of the uber-preppy, hunting variety - but I never thought I'd find exactly the bag I was looking for for under $400! (I am lusting after an Hermes crossbody bag, but what else is new). Behold, the bags of yesteryear, now available online and in stores. 

The Dooney & Burke Alto Collection, available online

The Saddle Bag, $350

 The Double Gusset Bag, $350

The Large Shopper, $395



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