Saturday, April 9, 2011

Furniture with a Soul

A few weeks ago I made bf go on a furniture tour with me, in search of a couple of stores I had seen on Apartment Therapy that claimed to be good for "cheap" furniture. I've found in my experiences that "cheap" furniture generally means IKEA, and while I still have the IKEA pieces I bought 5 years ago, sometimes a girl just needs a little bit more substance, you know? One of the places listed was Nadeau, whose tagline is "Furniture with a Soul." I'm not quite sure what that means, but I saw price tags and liked what I saw. It was like a less obvious Pier 1, a place that both bf and I could actually find pieces we liked, he being of the wood, wood, wood, and more wood camp and me liking distressed or painted furniture. Below, some of the offerings they have at their Manhattan store. Not in Manhattan? No worries, my friend! They have locations all over the country - in Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, Miami, Savannah, and more. We walked away empty-handed, considering neither of us really needed anything, but when I do need substantial pieces in the future, I know right where to go! 

CA057b-PL $269

YD1292-PL $435

NE279 $328

NK039 $297


T070-PL $224

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