Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Treat Smackdown

I love, love, love anything frozen and am a connoisseur of tasty summer treats. I present for you today three match-ups, with a big feature to come later next week on the newest, best, most ultimate summer snack.



melt bakery v. coolhaus

winner: melt bakery

Sorry to Coolhaus, the LA import, but these LES ice cream men know what they’re doing. Their flavor combinations are rockin’, their sandwiches are rock solid frozen but still easy to eat, and they’re entirely satisfying. My favorite combinations:

The Belle: Peach Ice Cream + Brown Butter Bourbon Shortbread

The Minimalist: Vanilla Ice Cream + Chocolate Chip

The Cinnamax: Cinnamon Ice Cream + Snickerdoodle

Ones I can’t wait to try:

The Marcel: Earl Grey Ice Cream + Lemon Madelines

The Mr. Tea: Ginger Ice Cream + Lemon Sable

The Rico: Dulce de Leche Ice Cream + Coconut

Follow @meltbakery on Twitter to find out where they are each day – weekend hotspots are the entrance to the High Line (Coolhaus holds down fort at the other end) and the Hester Market.


perfect ice cream to cookie ratio right there.



people’s pops v.  la newyorkina

winner: whomever has watermelon mint (and after that, La Newyorkina)

This was a hard, hard battle fought for me considering I lived off of People’s Pops for all of last summer and the summer before. Every time I approach the counter I cross my fingers for Watermelon Mint, but I guess there’s been a shortage in ripe melons lately or something because it’s never there. Not to say I leave dissatisfied, of course, but Newyorkina’s paletas are just outrageously good. Simple combinations like the cucumber+lime one I devoured the other day on my High Line walk  are the best. The mango+chilie one is popular, as is coconut. Avocado has gotten rave reviews from my other testers, and of course when they have watermelon mint I’m all over it.

Visit Newyorkina on the Highline (about halfway from Gansevoort to 30th) or at the Hester Market.


delicious on a stick: winning.


amorino v. il laboratorio di gelato

winner: amorino

Let’s be clear here, if Green Apple was still around, they’d be king. But alas, our little friends have flocked to Miami or something equally as fabulous, we hope. Amorino is a  new contender in the ultra-competitive gelato market in New York, and they came in with their cornettes blazing. Not only is the gelato creamy and addictive, they will make your limitless flavors into a flower. A flower, people!

Some of my favorite combinations (I’ve found that it’s easy to overdo the flavors):

Caramello al burro salato (salted caramel) + L’inimitabile (Nutella)

Coconut puro sri lanka+ Ananas (fancy french for pineapple, not bananas)

image via ohjoy

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