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2012 – Year of the Home Office Space

So, I’ve been away for quite a while. And you may have noticed the volume of blog posts went down in 2011. While I do only try to post on relevant, valuable topics now instead of trying to “keep up”, 2011 was a tough year, y’all. I did a very scary thing and quit a job that wasn’t working for me and began freelancing. While having all the extra time to blog seems logical, a body in motion stays in motion, right? Some days, especially this summer working and having the time of my life back at the magazine, were jam-packed with work, events, and ideas. Others, not so much. So my resolution for 2012  ( other than to lose those pesky last 10 lbs…and to be healthy…and to be grateful…) is to be back on this blog, busy dispersing little slices of lifestyle. I resolve to provide more content. Many of you know I do not blog to gain financially but rather to share my point of view and start dialogues with you, my lovely readers. Every share, site visit, and comment means so much to me personally. So here’s to doing more in 2012, starting first with getting my workspace together. No more working on my laptop on my actual lap in front of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Enjoy the pointers I’ve researched for pulling it together and share any you might have! I’m going to try and make the tips a habit by the end of the month.


Ways to Keep Your Workspace Out of Your Lifespace

DECLUTTER. I am a packrat. Major. I keep things for sentimentality, because I’ll use them “someday,” and in conjunction with other things, i.e. I needed this candle because I have two others and three makes a pretty trio. Try keeping your immediate work surface as clean as possible. I have a very small desk which usually functions as a dumping ground for papers and clothes. Now, all that’s on it is a small container of pens, a coaster, and a tiny light.

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START THE DAY LIKE YOU WOULD AT AN OFFICE. My best friend who works from home gave me this tip – she gets up, dresses in real clothes, puts on a little makeup, and sits down at her desk. Shocker – she gets a full day’s work done, but if she needs to leave for groceries or the gym or a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day she can.

DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE TV. What’s on during the day, anyway? I can tell you – a lot of crap. If I start watching Live with Kelly, all of a sudden I want to watch The View and then it’s time for Bravo catch-up and then the news and you can see how I all of a sudden have spent 5 hours in front of the TV before prime time even starts. Pinned Image

ORGANIZE. While I love doodads and such, try to keep your decluttered space organized. I have a little “office supplies” basket where I put my address stamps, checkbook, nice writing pens, post-it notes, and the like so that it’s all contained neatly.Then I have a separate filing basket with important documents, tear sheets, and business cards. What do you actually really need? Take everything else and put it somewhere else.

KEEP FOOD IN YOUR HOUSE. New Yorkers, I know this is hard. But the less trips you have to leave the house for breakfast, lunch, snack, pudding, lobster rolls, the better. I am going to allow myself one 30 minute break for lunch (and maybe an episode of Modern Family) and then get back to it.

KEEP IN TOUCH. Being at home is a lonely business. Sometimes I go 8, 9, 10 hours without human contact which can be beyond depressing. Many might disagree with me, but I turn to gchat. By being online all day I can have the same little chats with my friends as I would when I was at work (shhh) or instead of the little chats I’d have in person with co-workers. Something is better than nothing, especially for super social people like myself, and people also like myself who have a boyfriend who I am calling at work only if I’m dead. I try to make plans several times a week with friends to replace the events I would have been attending, and I that way I have something to look forward to. And won’t be the one breaking the plans!

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KEEP YOURSELF HAPPY. The one awesome upside to being at home is that I get to listen to music as loud as I want, which I couldn’t do unless I played DJ in the fashion closet. And I was only in there for 10-15 minutes at a time. Golden Oldies help me move it along, so I put on Pandora and hunker down. I also love to have flowers around, so now I do!

What do you do when you work from home? Let me know – I need all the help I can get!

My Dream Office (today):

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