Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do You Watch The Bachelor?

Or, as I refer to it:

The Greatest Show of Our Time

The Greatest Social Experiment Ever

The Single Reason Aliens Will Think We Are an Insane Tribe

Or, as this dude refers to it:

The Hunger Games

Do you watch it? Do you love it? I think that the only reason to watch the Bachelor/ Bachelorette is in order to prepare yourself for the actual Greatest Show of Our Time, Bachelor Pad. It's rare on this blog I try to be a) actually funny or b) discuss something that has in-time relevancy (as opposed to salad forks and letter press), but Courtney Robertson on this season is just way, way, way too good to be true. Home girl has it going on - and I mean "Pretty Girl Syndrome." She thinks things will work out because she's pretty - and Ben has proven her right at every. single. turn. Did anyone catch that creepy faux wedding ceremony? That would have made any other girl look Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted crazy, but it seemed to only solidify his interest in her. 

My other gripe with this show is that they need to HIRE HAIR, MAKE UP, & WARDROBE. Even Courtney gets it wrong. See below. 

It's Alice + Olivia, and I don't care. Fail. 

Here's what I envision the final three girls wearing for their next rose ceremony, regardless of it being in Switzerland.

LINDZI or LINZI or LINDZEIEYE, what have you:
Girl could use a little differentiation in her skin color and what better way to accomplish that then by putting her in blush. White would make it look too Magda-ish and color seems to not be her thing. 

Tibi, $396, Revolve Clothing

NIKKI or NICCKAY or NICKII, whatever

She's got some hips to hide, so why not do it in my favorite dress? I am wearing this in navy (duh) this weekend to a wedding but lavender like below would be great on Nikki. Hides everything. Except these terrible shoes. Shame on you, Singer22! 

Contrarian Barbara Bibb Dress in Many Colors
Contrarian, $381, Singer22

And my girl Courtney, alas, she should go for it since she's a model/actress or whatever - do it up right in Oscar.

                 Oscar de la Renta dress
Oscar de la Renta, really expensive, Neiman Marcus

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