Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eating My Way Through The East Village: Where The Cool Kids go

Here's two more places to try out in the East Village!

Yay, where all the really cool kids hang, although my hipster friend calls it "too 9-5er." I refuse to think it's hit the saturation point because to me it's a neighborhood joint. A neighborhood joint that now has an extra cool subterranean date spot with nightly jazz. Boyfriend and I ate upstairs one night shortly after they opened because I assumed it would probably be the only time we'd be able to go there before everyone was trying to go there. It's in the old Acme space (remember the cajun dive?) with the same storefront. But once inside, it's a completely transported world. The decor is by the same people who did my precious Indochine and its special breed of downtown cool shows. The long beautiful bar and dining room are a little Keith McNally, but the food is all Mads Refslund, a Danish import from one of the world's best restaurants. The food is unexpected and a little weird - the dessert porridge required some convincing and when have I ever had to be convinced of dessert? - but it's really top notch. A fun, scene-y and neighborhood place with an excellent menu? Quelle surprise! For a full food rundown, check out my buddies at Immaculate Infatuation.

{image via Eater}
9 Great Jones Street
New York
(212) 203-2121

Moving on down to The Bowery is the newest incarnation of the team from Wilfie & Nell: The Wren. I love this spot. It' s becoming a catch-all for my friends and I who have graduated past Spring Lounge (most nights) but still want a fun bar to hang out at and see everyone, only this time with $13 cocktails and real seating. Take that for what you will, but I think it's a great mix of neighborhood people with neighborhood yuppies. The theme is loosely British pub, and there's plenty of room at the front of the place for casual bar-standing-around. There's good date space in the back. Try to snag a booth in the front the window, though, for maximum people watching and maximum exposure to everyone entering and leaving. The food menu isn't much, just like at Wilfie & Nell, and also just like at Wilfie  & Nell I'd be lying if I said I'd eaten there. Drinks - I like the 7th (st.germain, vodka, lime, grapefruit), boyfriend likes the Great Jones (scotch, maple syrup, walnut bitters) - a little something for everyone. This place was made for dates, y'all.

The Wren Bar

{images of the Wren via Girl Meets Whirl}
The Wren
344 bowery 
new yorkny 10012
212 388 0148

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  1. Very Cool! I really am going to need to go check out Acme...maybe this weekend :)



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