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Spotlight On: Ariel Gordon & Her Beautiful Bridesmaids Gifts!

From time to time when she’s in New York doing press previews, I get to see Ariel Gordon, the purveyor and creator of the most fabulous delicate pieces (what we in fashion call “personal” pieces). I was super excited when she agreed to sit down and chat about wedding season, her wedding, her jewelry, and more. Brides to be out there, pay attention! This gal really knows what she’s talking about – and you can’t go wrong with one of her pieces for your lovely ladies.

Ariel, thanks so much for chatting with us! You know I’m a huge fan of your jewelry and want to spread the word and love.

Where do you get your inspiration for your pieces?

Traveling definitely inspires me the most. I’m also inspired by bright colors and blue skies, perhaps because I grew up in Southern California.

I know there’s a great story behind the Close to My Heart necklace - can you share how you created it?

I got engaged in Italy in the summer of 2009. Before my now husband proposed (he waited until the last night of our trip... in Rome in the Piazza del Popolo), when we were walking the streets of Sorrento, I saw all of these chic Italian women wearing those old school BFF necklaces. You know the ones... jagged half a heart with 'Be Fri.”

When the time came to design my bridesmaids gifts, I loved the concept of a BFF necklace but I didn't like the idea that half of the heart was missing or broken. So I designed the Close to My Heart necklaces with alternating pave diamond halves.

{close to my heart necklace with pave diamonds}

I love, love, love the Close to My Heart pieces. I feel like you really “get” me - who is the girl you design jewelry for?

I design jewelry that can transition well and be wardrobe staples, like a favorite pair of jeans or a trusted handbag. In these economic times a woman requires more versatility from her jewelry - a necklace has to work both when she goes out on a date Friday night and when she's at the Farmers Market on Sunday morning.

I am inspired to design jewelry for people like me… girls who don't change their jewelry everyday or with every outfit. Once I realized there is a whole group of women out there that want one less thing to think about in the morning I set out to design my collection with them in mind. My slogan is "Handmade. Modern. Luxe." I am always working to add pieces to my collection that are personalized and chic and that can translate from day to night.

I admire my girlfriends and the everyday girls that I see on the street, in blogs, or around town who manage to look casual, elegant, and chic without fashion closets or stylists to help them out. They are confident women who have their own sense of style while living on a real budget. Necessity leads them to be creative. They are fresh faced, playful, modern, sexy, and timeless.

What an amazing answer! For most of the WTSTA readers, it’s wedding season which always brings mixed feelings. What’s your ideal idea of what a bridesmaid’s gift should be?

Don't throw your money away on something she won't wear or want (sorry all bridesmaids robes out there... I don't think you'll be getting much use after the wedding).  Just pick something heartfelt, personal, and useful. These girls deserve it after all the help they gave you.

{ silk woven friendship bracelet }

I am a HUGE fan of personalization. Why do you think that monogramming or personalization is having such a “moment?” I ADORE the signet rings and bracelets.

In today's hectic, fast-paced world I think people like to have something that they feel was made just for them.  We are constantly inundated with fast fashion. Having something bespoke can feel very special (because it is!!)

{signet ring}

{signet slim bracelet}

Ed note: If I am in your wedding this year, I will gladly take EITHER of these! Obsessed!

Interesting point! I do go after these pieces because they will last, and it’s not a one shot kind of purchase for me…I can have several monogrammed pieces and know they’ll be with me for years.
I see you’re offering custom engagement rings as well – how exciting! What are some of the designs/bride’s styles you’ve worked with so far?

I started making my own ring. Since then I've made a variety of rings, from traditional to simple to modern. It's a really fun process for me to be involved with a couple on their journey together.  
{example of custom engagement ring}

How special for them as well, not just another cliché ring. For a bride on a budget, which of your pieces do you recommend as a gift? (under $150)

The love knot ring in silver is a lovely piece. A simple reminder of those you hold dear. 

{love knot ring, ranging from $75 to $175}

Thanks so much Ariel  - I hope that all my Where The Style Things Are readers will become Ariel Gordon addicts as well! 

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