Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wowza - Songza! A Ridiculously Cool App You Need Right Now

So a couple of weekends ago I was hanging out at a friend of a friend's barbecue. I didn't know the crowd well so I got to talking to another party-goer who looked as awkward as I did. He was in the music technology industry which is so far from anything I understand so I was completely fascinated.

His app and website is Songza, which he and a partner produced rather recently - he let me in that it was growing exponentially since it's conception. I know nothing about music but he assured me it was different than Pandora and way better. I downloaded it and forgot about it.

Until this week. This app is SO cool! Instead of being like Pandora and using an algorithm to find you songs, these play lists are curated by music experts. Most people I know in the music biz tend to like classic and then really cool stuff, into which Britney and Gaga do not fall. 

But this is really different. Songza registers what time it is and asks you what you're doing and what you'd like to listen to. For example, it asked me two questions tonight:

And then you just go! I was completely and totally surprised by the awesome music they chose for me - it was like having a really awesome music friend play DJ. I cannot stress enough how COOL this app is!

Here's a sampling of their other playlists I found while browsing:

You could spend hours looking at the play lists - but you surely don't have to with the way the music is edited. I mean, who can say no to something that's 
a) free 
b) played SKEE-LO in my wake up 90's music?? 


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