Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birchbox Sample Stop @ NYFW: Tips & Tricks

This past fashion week (also known as a blur) I had such a great time at the Birchbox Sample Stop and backstage at shows where I picked up a ton of tips and tricks for myself (also known as Ms. Beauty Challenged). I wanted to make sure I passed along the goodness from all of wonderful people and artists I met! A huge thank you to Alison Brod PR!

Ojon Rare Blend Oil

The stylist for Ojon, Cynthia Alvarez, was awesome. She styles people like Shakira, Alicia Keys, and now moi. She told me the Ojon Rare Blend Oil is one of her favorite products and her secret tip is to use it right out of the shower on the ends for extra soft hair. It repairs, creates shine, and protects hair. Bring it to your stylist to use on damp hair to extend the life of your blow out! She also suggested using dry shampoo before going to bed to soak up the oil as opposed to when you wake up.  The same principle applies when you have styling mistakes (and lawdy, we know I do) - just spray some dry shampoo on and start over!

The manicurist who put a rad shade of exclusive Spring/Summer 2013 bright blue (ok...GATOR blue, but we'll let it slide) on my nails was full of product suggestions. She likes Tammy Taylor nail polish remover to take off strongly pigmented colors and also recommended using a lint free pad to avoid those weird cotton strands. And for the love of all things nail-related, put on a base coat so you protect your nails!

This might be the coolest tool I've ever seen. Sarah was responsible for the 60's beach waves at Erickson Beamon, and her Beach Waver makes wavy hair literally Lauren-proof. I took a video that really just explains it all. 

I usually have Rachel Gangemi at Valery Joseph do my brows twice a year (it's expensive at $100 a pop!) for upkeep and to help them grow out correctly as a result of my insane plucking habits in high school. But I made a new friend in Merci Migliore who worked for Benefit! She had really great suggestions for eyebrow care. My favorite is to use a little Latisse or Rogaine (yes, Rogaine!) on your brows to get them to grow back if you are sparse like me. "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins," she said smartly as I furiously wrote down what might be the best beauty quote ever. She said major mistakes include over plucking, misshaping,  and relying on someone who is not a brow specialist to wax, tweeze, or thread.  (Guilty on all three!) But that you can learn to make them stand out after visiting a Benefit Brow Bar where they'll teach you to frame the brow with concealer and then filling them in. 

Here's the during:

Here's the after:

What do you think? A little tranny? Or just something I need to get used to? 

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