Monday, September 17, 2012

Hungry Girl : Tips and Tricks

We all have that dilemma - I really, really, really want pizza. I really, really, REALLY, do not want the calories or the moral hangover. What to do? is a terrific website that you should sign up for immediately if you're into things like  My Fitness Pal, et al. I get their daily emails and must say that I learn something nearly every single email, whether that be a swap (she's money at these), a new product, or a weekend survival tip.

Check out some of the best of Hungry Girl below and be sure to bookmark, pin, and the like! You can catch some of these tips and tricks over at my very own "yummy" pinterest board.


A simple lunch: Chinese chicken salad

Everyone loves spicy cornbread muffins (swap)

You know I can't resist shrimp tacos 

Crave carbs? Click here

Hell, she even does faux-fried pickles

There are such things as 100 calorie and yummy

She even makes pasta out of slaw mix - and it's good 

Say what? Smoked salmon and bacon sandwich for breakfast? Yum.

Oh, and she LOVES laughing cow, string cheese, muffin tops, and egg substitute. But hey, the recipes are good, the names are bad, and you'll probably lose a little!
Click and link away, my friends...there is a substitute for literally everything here. 

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