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Spotlight On: Winks by Georgie Beauty + Giveaway!!!

Hey gang - I am SO excited to present to you a fantastic product made by a friend of mine! Megan Allen, one half of the duo behind the faux eyelash company Winks by Georgie Beauty,  and I went to Georgia together where my friends and I secretly worshiped her style from afar. (Seriously. If Megan Allen had cowboy boots, we had to have cowboy boots.) I sat down with her when she was most recently in New York to talk about her fantastic product and my newest beauty obsession! Scroll down through our chat to also get the details on a generous giveaway from Winks!

Megan! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about having you on WTSTA! How did your idea for a false eyelash company come about?

My sister and I love to wear false lashes but we couldn’t find classic styles and a safe, gentle adhesive on the market, so we decided to create our own lash line.  At the time, we lived together in a miniature NYC apartment, and we got hooked on false lashes when we couldn’t afford (or didn’t have room in our teeny closets) for new clothes and shoes. You know that feeling you get when you’re wearing an amazing new outfit? Well, we discovered that you can get that same feeling with an amazing pair of false lashes! (Editor's note: Brilliant!)

{the chic packaging}

$28 each for reusable lashes, compact, and glue 

You told me you spent a year of your life on glue alone - that's extreme devotion!
 How is Winks different from other eyelash companies?

Yes, Abbey and I are adhesive experts… We even attended NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists meetings in our spare time (where nice old men talked about molecules and compounds!) 

Winks by Georgie is different because our lash styles are classic and naturalistic and our adhesive is free of harsh chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.  It’s also the only adhesive infused with organic blue chamomile to soothe delicate skin while maximizing adhesion.  And it’s dermatologist-tested, PETA-certified, and made in the U.S.!  Phew -  that’s why it took us so long to develop :)  Winks is also the only lash line packaged in eco-chic, refillable compacts since a great pair of lashes is re-wearable!  Our line is all about the classic glamour of the 60s.  We’re inspired by Bardot, Monroe, and Hepburn, and we wanted to create the perfect lash for our generation.  


You went to business school. How did this help you with your own company? What advice would you give to someone who is considering going to business school? (For example, moi?)

Our first retailer was Neiman Marcus, and I remember thinking uh oh… balance sheets, inventory management, and supply chain… What?!  My background is in public relations and political science, and Abbey has a Masters degree in liberal arts with a focus in eco-criticism.  Neither exactly prepared us to grow a business.  That’s why I decided business school would be a great step.  It was intimidating because I had never taken finance or accounting courses, but it’s crucial to put yourself out there and feel uncomfortable at times!  Business school taught me to see my company and other start-ups from a different perspective, and I highly recommend b-school if you’re lacking that fundamental business background. 

{no.7}, $18

{no.8} - my personal favorite!, $18

Any tips for women running their own business?

Yes!  Go after it.  I was pitching false lashes to potential investors, and the other start-up companies I was competing against were focused in healthcare and micro-finance, and they were all men.  (In case you’re wondering, Georgie Beauty won!)  A lot of it has to do with you, so be confident in yourself and your business.

Also, there are a ton of groups geared towards women that you should look explore.  For example, we joined Cosmetic Executive Women and Step Up.  A supportive network and mentors are super-important when you’re running your own business. 

{no.10}, $18

You've sold on HSN which is a huge deal. How did you get the opportunity?

It’s all about thinking outside the box.  After not getting a response from the buyer, I went to an event where the CEO of HSN was speaking. I gave her a flash drive with our story on it.  I knew she was be swamped, so I thought maybe she’d watch the video later when she had a few minutes.  And she did!  Starting a company is all about thinking of creative ways to get things done. 

Any celebrities, well-known women, etc that love winks?

American Idol and Dancing With the Stars contestants, Tori Spelling, and I recently met Lauren Conrad and gave her Winks… Let’s hope she loves them!  She talked a lot about environmentally-conscious fashion and beauty, so I think she appreciates that our adhesive is free of harmful chemicals and our packaging is reusable.

 Just a few of the people who love Winks - they also won a best in beauty in the Neiman Marcus Beauty Awards!

Which style is your favorite to wear?

It really depends on my mood.  Style No. 2 is my go-to style.  It’s natural and creates a beautiful shape.  We recently launched several new styles with Nordstrom.  Now I’m into Style No. 5 for a dramatic look and  Style No. 8  half lashes for a more subtle look.  

What are your favorite beauty trends for Fall 2012?

Statement-making eyes!  Loving the geometric liner and bold lashes.  I also like the bordeaux lips.  Think I’ll pair with half lashes and clean skin.

{Kate needs some Winks!}

Best beauty advice ever?

Beauty is also about what you don’t put on your skin (and in your body!)  When I’m using natural products and eating clean, it’s amazing how different my skin looks and how much better I feel.  Beautiful diet = beautiful skin!  Now, if I could just put down this second coffee… 

Thanks so much, Megan!


Megan and Winks have been generous enough to give away a compact, a refill style, and a Stephanie Johnson cosmetics bag to hold it all! To enter, click below. You can earn multiple entries by joining us on social media and posting a comment about your favorite lash style below. Entries will be received until midnight, October 1st, 2012. The winner will be announced October 3rd, 2012. Good luck!

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  1. Love lashes! I just started using Latisse (confession) because I think I look about 75x better with a fuller set of lashes. My eyelashes are blonde, so my eyes kind of disappear into my face if I'm not wearing mascara. I love Bardot's lashes!

  2. Really like to use individual lashes because I can place them where every I want and without it being too noticable. Sometimes for a going out look I like to use purple mascara to pop out my hazel eyes.
    p.s. follow you on Pinterest & twitter @christinadragan.



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