Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Introducing: Crane & Canopy


I have been on the hunt recently for some new bedding and came across the wonderful website of Crane & Canopy. What makes them different? Their concept is similar to Everlane in that they take out the middle man so you reap the benefits of a department store mark up. Oh, and their goods are gorgeous, too.

They have this amazing two-tone signature duvet cover which allows it to always look like your bed is made - a plus for someone like me who has as hard time for some reason of making the bed. And, they have these innovative ties that keep your duvet in the cover. 

Thread counts start at 300 and prices start at $99. Now, just try to pick one style you love the best! I'm leaning towards the page grey, but I can't decide - what do you think? 

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