Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

Alright y'all here it is - it was hard for me to choose just nine deserving charities but these are the ones that resonated with me the most this year. As always, you can donate to my pet charity, The SLE Lupus Foundation, by clicking here. Otherwise, read on to see what other charitable items caught my eye this year, many ideas submitted by friends and readers!

left to right: 

the giving keys: Proceeds from these keys engraved with words such as 'hope', 'courage,' and 'strength' go to help those transitioning out of homelessness. From $35

baking for good: 15% of net proceeds go to benefit the customer's charity of choice. Choose from animals, medical research, disaster relief, economic development, and more. 

tie the knot: from Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family comes a line of bow ties where 100% of the proceeds go to help civil rights of gay Americans. From $25

a.barclay: local Atlanta designer and friends in Africa help with a Buy & Supply program, where for every scarf purchased, A.Barclay designs donates products such as blankets to a Tanzanian bought from a Tanzanian. For more on A. Barclay and their charity efforts, see my previous post. Scarves from $250

iiibeca: My love for Joy Gryson and her super sweet husband Peter has swelled this year with the addition of their iiibeca line of chic, clean, and charitable bags. 9% (3/3/3 - iiibeca, get it?) of the purchase goes to three charities dear to the Gryson's hearts. From $58

many hopes: proceeds from the sale of the Diana Warner-designed bracelets go towards Many Hopes, helping girls orphaned in Kenya by providing them with the tools to be future leaders in their community. $38

palmetto medical initiative: Charleston-based artist, Lulie Wallace, donates proceeds from her print sales to Palmetto Medical Initiative, helping provide sustainable healthcare to communities in Nicaragua and Uganda. $45

reds outfitters: with a cult-like fan base on the Southern circuit, these stylish sunnies also do good by donating a portion of proceeds to Shallow Water Blackout Prevention in honor of an original founder of the brand and friend, Whitner Milner. $115

ock pop tok: under the village weaver projects, support local Laotian weavers through the purchase one of their brightly colored textiles. From $20

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