Monday, December 10, 2012

The Art of Gifting with Elizabeth Nichols of Taigan

Y'all - I have never been more excited about a guest post! Today on WTSTA we have the lovely CEO of Taigan, Elizabeth Nichols, discussing the art of gift giving. Taigan is a totally comprehensive gifting site supporting everyone from Cacao in Atlanta and Bob Ellis in Charleston to Glamourpuss NYC and Claridge + King in Houston. (All personal favorites of mine!) Whether you're looking for a gift exchange item or something for your hard to please mother-in-law, Taigan most certainly has something perfectly curated for you that will have the recipient wondering how you could get it so right. 

Elizabeth Nichols, CEO of Taigan

 Elizabeth, thank you so much for chatting with me - I know that my readers will be just as excited about this as I am! How can one learn the art of gifting? I've had friends say they'd just rather not gift than get it "wrong." 
Seems like the art of giving is instinctive and instincts are hard to teach and learn.  In order to be a great gift “picker” you must really care about the recipient and care enough to know what would delight them.  Next you have to be a good hunter (in fact that is exactly what a Taigan is -  a sighthound from Kyrgyzstan noted for its hunting skills).  You must also be  tireless in your quest to find that perfect item.  And last put together a really special package – after all it’s the sizzle on the steak that counts!   The gift should say I CARE – otherwise don’t bother!  I also think that the perfect gift is something you are DYING to have yourself….particularly if there is only one of them!

Do you have any fail safe gifting items?

While I wish I had the time to hand select every gift that I gift, I find that frequently I need a stash of hostess gifts to take to a dinner parties.   Since they are more generic, rather than individualized they can’t be quite as “perfect” as the carefully sought out gift, however a few of my favorites which I have bought from Taigan are a box of stationery from Karen Adams, whiskey rocks from Sparq, some Callie's Ham Biscuits, or a Taigan Gold Membership!!!!

What's the best part about finding the "right" gift?

Waiting for delivery to the recipient and seeing their reaction!!

Why are monogrammed or personalized gifts so popular these days?

Monogramming says, “I care”!  I thought about you and your gift and worked to find just the right thing rather than rushing out at the last minute because I had to have something to give.

What's the best or worst (or both) gift you've received? 

My best gift without question were the words “it’s a girl” at the birth of my one and only child.  And the worst was a cooler full of beautiful rainbow trout at a point in my life where I wouldn’t consider touching a fish, much less cooking one.

Why is Taigan so perfect for gifting?

The options are endless, the product is fantastic and the price range is vast.  For my best friend who is obsessed with the color red, I typed in “red napkins” for Christmas this year and voila, I found some fantastic linen napkins from Julia B that will be embroidered just in time!  And then for a nice friend, who is obsessed with owls, how fun that by searching “owl”, I found Pollen Arts Owl Candles.  As a great and inexpensive hostess gift, one of my favorites is a bag of Schermer Pecans, salted, of course!

Julia B. napkins {editor note: one of my favorites!}

Any favorite gifts to give (or receive) this year?
I gave an early Christmas gift this year to my friends who love to entertain.  The gift was a huge, fabulous turkey made of pine cones and sticks delivered just in time for Thanksgiving  – it was glorious, we sold out of them at Taigan and everyone LOVED their turkey.  As to my favorites gifts this year, take a look!  ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS! 

Thanks SO much to Elizabeth and Graham and the rest of the Taigan team for this amazing post! Look for more special items from Taigan as my gift guides roll out this week. To get your Taigan fix, be sure to sign up for Fetch newsletters - I especially love the quotations that arrive with it as they're always right what I need at the moment!

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