Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introducing Bonfaire

In the vein of #mysmartercommerce (maybe for us it's #mysmartershopping!), I wanted to introduce you to Bonfaire, a fabulous way to shop for coveted handbags, shoes, jewelry, and more - all before everyone else gets their hands on it. Which, in essence, is another way to shop smart! If there's something you really want, you should be able to get it made to order and before everyone else. It's also a smarter way to sell for designers - forget the traditional way that has budget constraints associated with inventory amounts! 

Bonfaire helps designers take more risks, and in turn gives you more of kinds of product you want. From favorites like Elizabeth Cole and Missoni all the way to brands like Mysuelly and Vic, they've got a great assortment of luxury accessories. 

Check out a few of my favorites currently on the site - but act fast, as designers come and go! 

MySuelly, $625

Elizabeth Cole Bacall Earrings, $265

CC Skye Deco Bracelet, $245

Dee Keller Lace Up Bootie, $455

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