Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eskiwho? Eskiwhat? Eskimix!

Anyone who has walked west of  Seventh Ave with me in the last month has been dragged into the most fabulous place in all of New York - Eskimix on Grove and Bleecker. When I tell you this is life-changing, I am not exaggerating. You will drop your Tastee, your Pinkberry, your Red Mango and whatever else is out there. Eskimix came to me from one of the models at work - she literally pulled the menu out of her pocket and raved throughout her entire casting session. 

I had usual order anxiety on my first visit, but I finally decided on what I consider to be my classic Pinkberry combination - pineapple and Capt'n Crunch. Only here is what is so beautiful about Eskimix - they use a drill to incorporate fresh fruit and candy into every last ounce (4 in an adult small), creating a perfect, unique flavor in every bite. And at 88 calories for 4 ounces of the Sugar Free Eskibase, you really can't think of anything better to beat the city heat.

My recommendations: 

Pineapple + Capt'n Crunch
Banana + Peanut Butter
Peach + Granola
Pink Grapefruit
Peppermint Patties + Carob Chips

Being a creature of habit, I've of course never strayed from my original order - but I've heard the above are great. Try it out!

Eskimix is located at Grove and Bleecker in the West Village.

Big Eskimo Kiss!

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