Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going, Going, Greyhound (Gone)

I have long been under the suspicion that adults choose their beverage of choice by sheer process of elimination - vodka made them sick in high school, rum reminds them of this one time in the Bahamas that ended less than well, gin makes them thing of Christmas trees, etc. I know for a fact there is a reason I've only had Bailey's and Kaluha (together, gross) once in my life. But finally I have graduated from the give-me-my-4th-vodka-and-soda to the much less stomach-upsetting vodka + grapefruit. Behold, the Greyhound. Delicious and refreshing, here's the recipe:

2oz vodka + 5oz grapefruit over ice

Beyond! The tartness allows you to drink it slower and the sweetness cuts the vodka. And, if you tire of this or want to mix it up, try pineapple juice + vodka. I don't think it has an official name, but either of these with a splash of soda is girlie, refreshing, and interesting.

Big, sweet, vodka kiss!

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