Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Official Preppy Handbook: Lesson 2

I'm on a roll with the guys today - from the Official Preppy Handbook, this gem: "From Desk to Duck Blind, The Look for Men:

1. Go sockless: not worn on sporting or social occasions
2. Most jewelry is taboo: cufflinks must be
small, no tie clips or tacks
3. Careful grooming: clean shaven, no sideburns, beard or moustache
4. Outerwear indoors: fisherman's sweater, hunting shoes, down vest are all ok at cocktails
5. Boxer shorts: Boxer shorts, and only boxers
6. Layering: Adding or subtracting a layer or two can take you from yacht club to boardroom

And for the girls, this: "Mummy Knows Best, The Look for Women:

1. Men's clothes: actual garments or near imitations, blue blazers, khaki skirts, shop in the boys dept at Brooks Brothers (this I actually do)
2. Navy blue: the new neutral, perfect foil for colors that do not exist in nature
3. Don't wear black: unless for evening clothes, they make you look like a fast woman
4. Someone else's clothes: other people's things have inherited charm
5. Underdressing: Always in good taste
6. Layering: often dispense with the crocodile (Lacoste) layer, it will make you look fat

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