Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Shop Your Closet

The true test of a stylish spendthrift is being able to work with what you have. I've come up with some rules on how to "shop" your own closet for maximum style with minimal cost.

To get started:

- take everything out and sort things that are out of season to store.

- assess what you can wear year round, such as blue blazers, chiffon mini skirts, tie front button downs, light weight sweaters, and denim and keep these at the front of your closet where they are easily accessible. This will become your "closet core."

- fold knits, tees, and denim to preserve their shape; hang everything else. Take everything out of dry-cleaning plastic and put tissue on clip hangers if the fabric is delicate to prevent tears.

- look at each item that isn't stored or in your closet core: have you worn it in a year? if you can part with it, do. If you can't just yet, ask yourself if it can be altered. The tailor is your new best friend.

Shorten skirts, take them in so that you can wear them around your waist instead of your hips.

Crop blazers and sweaters to hit at your hip, or have the tailor sew a contrasting fabric into the arms of your jackets for a pop of pattern when you cuff the sleeves.

Monogram your buttondowns like men do in a contrasting color, like lemon on navy or lime green on white.

Add extra holes with a grommetting tool to your belts to give you more versatility in wearing them around your waist and hips.

Try wearing an off-the-shoulder ruffled top or dress around your chest for a strapless option or put one sleeve up for the new silhouette, the one-shoulder.

Layer your skirts for pops of texture and color: a fuller skirt under a cotton one will give it dimension.

- If you want to take it to the next level, put everything on the same hangers, facing the same way, organized by category. If you're lazy like me, though, keep your key pieces in the front and try to rotate what's in the way back to the front every so often.

- Try styling with your closet core - throw that blue blazer over a sundress instead of a white sweater or pair a summer mini skirt (in a year-round fabric like cotton or chiffon) with your black tights.

Big kiss!

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